Welcome to the Christastic corner! Whether you have come here to see what’s new, or perhaps request training, I’ve got you covered.

A little about myself. My name is Chris Gilland, and I live, born and raised, in North Carolina. I have been visually impaired my entire life from a rare
eye condition called Aniridia.

All my life, it has been my passion to make new friends, as well as help others be successful at whatever they do. Whether this is in the field of music,
audio production, podcasting, business marketing, using technology, etc, I love building that relationship with people. I genuinely hope that this is the
beginning of a wonderful relationship both from a business, but even more so a friendship level with you, the visiter.

I really would love it, if you’re new to this website, if you would please click the contact link in the navigation bar, and introduce yourself! This way,
I can get to know you better.

On this website, you will find anything from a blog which you can freely read at any time, free textual and audio tutorials, (Usually in .MP3 format),
as well as premium content at a very reasonable cost. It is my hope that you take advantage of some, if not all resources found up here.

If ever there is anything I can do to help you, or make your website experience more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to contact me. I really do want
to make this website the best that it can be!